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We are young, creative and open team specialist. We are a team of the best experts in creating innovative products for concrete. It is the main profile activity of the company. In the plant also has a fully equipped research- building laboratory, which conducts research for themselves and for customers' orders.

The range of our products create new, unique in the market, innovative admixture for concrete and mortar. They are characterized by a wide range of activities which create many opportunities to reduce production costs and increasing the processing capacity the plant. Thanks to their use appears the potential achieve savings.

We are the only producer of chemical admixtures used for several years in the production of cellular concrete. For each customer admixtures are selected and composed individually and free of charge. We offer very effective emulsifiers for blowing agents. Our newest product is a very effective release agent for lubrication of molds.

Admixtures have been used in the construction industry from about 100 years. Initially only plasticizers (unmodified lignin) were used. The compounds, in spite of the low content of active substances (circa 30%) and the high sugar content (up to 20%), allowed to achieve high – quality concrete while reducing production costs (reduction of cement). Another family of admixtures called superplasticizer, which were much more effective, appeared on the market in the late 60’s and 70’s. The group of superplasticizers includes: polycondensates of sulfonated naphthalene and formaldehyde and melamine and formaldehyde (SNF or NFS), sulfonated melamine condensate - formaldehyde (SMF). In the 80's and 90's of last century polycarboxylates (PCC) appeared. The last decade was the time of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers in Ultra-High Strength Concrete (PCE) and modified lignosulfonates. Development of production technology of admixtures was aimed at obtaining the best results in the production of concrete while dosing minimum amount of substances (eg. PCE).

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